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Mission Statement
To be a school  is admired for leading the way in its own unique learning models that focus on the development of the unlimited potential of its students.
We Value

Our Unity

 No one stands alone, we all stand together as a team  
Our Communication
 We seek through our communication with each other to be truthful and transparent, with a desire to be open and a willingness to listen to the thoughts and ideas of others.    
Our Well Being & Safety  
 The happiness and safety of our students, teachers, parents and volunteers is paramount to us and we go the extra mile to make our school a safe environment to be in.     
 How we Treat Each Other  
 We desire to treat everyone with respect, warmth and humility. We give honour and encouragement to each other and celebrate and acknowledge our triumphs and successes.   Our Local Community: We are part of our local community and they are part of us and together we share our community pride and identity.     
 Our Uniqueness and Identity as a School  
 Our school culture is something special to us all. It has meaning and mana and it is a source of pride to us all, both at school and when we go out as representatives of the school in areas.     
Our Parents  
The involvement of parents at school and in the education of their children is essential to the success of Merivale School.   

 Our Key Entrustments  
We seek to ensure the students of Merivale School achieve at or above chronological age in literacy and numeracy. These programmes are developed from the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. This is strengthened by upholding the values of the school and its foundations of respect and honour of others.   

 Māori Potential
Our demographic profile is over 80% Māori. We see the ongoing development of Māori potential in education as a guiding force. It’s all about Māori enjoying educational success as Māori learners and our desire as a school to provide innovative learning models that enhances what it means to be Māori.   

Welfare and Wellbeing
We uphold the importance of the welfare and wellbeing of both staff and students. While the students are at the school our entrustment to educate cannot be successful, unless we carry the responsibility of overall wellbeing of our students. As this responsibility is during mainly school hours, we acknowledge the importance of working with other welfare and community groups to ensure students wellbeing inside and outside of school hours. We believe a healthy community nurtures a healthy school environment.   
The Uniquess of the Merivale School Culture
Culture is defined as a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterise an institution, organisation or group. We seek to maintain and uphold the uniqueness of the Merivale School culture, which is identified in:   
•our students of whom over 80% identify as Māori
•our history
•our sporting heritage
•our sense of pride and positivity and active participation of teachers, student, parents and volunteers to go the extra mile for the school•our passion to connect to the hearts as well as the minds of everybody involved at the school